International Music Cafe is a wholesale-only website.

If you are interested in opening a wholesaler account with us, please contact us.

1.Where are International Music Cafe Instruments made and Setup?

IMC has Various Workshops around Europe and China. The Instruments are Shipped to our Specialty Workshop in New York.

2.What does ” Out of the Box Mean”?

Out of the Box means when an instrument arrives to your store or facility it is ready to be sold with no further adjustment needed.

3.Can IMC Private Label?

We encourage our customers to Private label. We can custom label instruments, rosin, and other accessories.

4.Can I Choose a different accessory and part option if they are not listed in the catalog?

IMC will accommodate to your specific needs. Sometimes it requires a price increase depending on the accessory.

5.Does IMC have access to other accessories and instruments that are not listed in the catalog?

We have many contacts in the industry, and will be able to obtain a majority of musical accessories and instruments to fullfill your clients needs.