Lee Rocker has been fuel-injecting acoustic bass for over 30 years, with his band The Stray Cats, to Phantom, Rocker & Slick, and finally to his blistering 15-year solo career. Both on the stage and in the studio, his bass sounds and performance are legendary.

Designed by the artisans of the Kolstein violin shop, the Lee Rocker Bass features fine tonal qualities and ease of playability, with full tonal range, and impressive pizz and arco qualities.

Based on a reduced scaling of the late Scott LaFaro's famed Prescott Bass, the Busetto Travel Bass is built with the highest level of hand craftsmanship and setup, to meet the renowned Kolstein shop's critical standards and specifications.

The Kolstein Busetto is the perfect instrument for Jazz, Rock or Pop - at a most affordable price.

Available in two unique finishes: Flat Black with Bone White trim or Gloss Reddish Brown Varnish with Bone White Trim.

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